Interview with Matt Bond, aka @CutProfessor

Todays interview is with Bond, Matt Bond! You may know him as the @CutProfessor from IG, but did you know he is a cook and an economist?! A major contributor to 99 Spearo Recipes, Matt has had a lifelong love for the ocean and foraging with a particular interest in mushroom foraging. Hear Matt’s humble beginnings as he started hunting and foraging with his refugee friends, got his first ever speargun and learnt to get the best eating out of the world around us through years of catch ‘n cook. An awesome chat today with the man behind the name, thanks for joining us Matt Bond!


Important times

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 05:20 Welcome Matt!
  • 08:20 Economics and Spearfishing
  • 11:40 Learning to spearfish from refugees
  • 25:25 Learning to spearfish
  • 32:55 Your first real speargun, mahogany vs teak

  • 40:45 First hunt with a real speargun
  • 46:45 Great White sharks, White Seabass and Shark Shield
  • 57:30 On-land foraging for mushrooms

  • 01:11:10 99 Spearo Recipes Crab recipe
  • 01:19:45 How to improve your seafood

  • 01:33:05 Scary stuff
  • 01:45:10 Funny stories
  • 01:47:50 Where did your IG name come from?
  • 01:55:45 Outro

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