Interview with Dr Kelsea Albert

Today’s interview is with Dr Kelsea Albert, multiple world record holder, multiple time USA and World champion huntress and at her core, a frothing speara! Apart from her life saving medical work, she has a huge passion for sustainable hunting. She firmly believes in the value of “one shot – one kill” and has spent her life improving her craft to become an extremely effective hunter. Hear stories of how her husband asked her out on spearfishing dates, the perfect poke bowl, tales of her world record Seabass hunts and some new and unique ways to attract fish! Thanks so much for being on the show Kelsea, it’s great to see someone so passionate about hunting! If you could take one thing out of this episode: treat your fish the same way you would a deer!

Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 05:10 Welcome Dr Kelsea Albert!
  • 08:20 Faroe Islands whale hunting
  • 11:25 Spearfishing dates!
  • 14:15 Growing up hunting & one shot one kill
  • 21:40 Halibut & spearfishing tourism, competitions

  • 29:30 Where does your day job and spearfishing cross over?
  • 34:30 Hunting critics
  • 39:35 What research have you done with freediving and spearfishing?
  • 44:30 What is the perfect Poke bowl? Give us your recipe!

  • 49:00 Practical advice for new spearos
  • 54:45 How do I improve my aim?
  • 01:01:40 Unique ways to attract fish!
  • 01:04:55 Funniest moments while spearfishing
  • 01:10:05 The perfect first date: spearfishing!
  • 01:14:15 How can competitions improve their safety?
  • 01:24:50 Local knowledge and sustainable hunting
  • 01:29:05 Memorable hunts
  • 01:37:55 California kelp forests, A Journey Beneath

  • 01:44:10 What gear is in your dive bag?
  • 01:54:40 Self-determination
  • 01:58:25 Treat your fish like you would a deer
  • 01:59:18 Outro

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