Melbourne Spearfishing 101

This is a live panel interview recorded instore at Adreno, Melbourne. Panel members included Sven Franklin (Club Spearfish President), Luke Latham (Adreno Store Manager), James Beckam (@southernspearfishing) and myself. This is a pretty comprehensive chat covering seasons, species, predominant conditions, locations and nearly everything else a spearo visiting/living in the area might be interested in. Listen in:)

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Connect with the Melbourne boys

Time Stamps

04:00 Introduction with Luke Latham

12:40 Developing skills on Melbourne Species

17:15 Finding the right locations, understanding the seasons and movements of fish

20:20 Apps that are useful in the area.

  • Navionics
  • Google Earth
  • Triggerbrothers.com.au
  • Windy weather app

25:00 Rules and Regulations for spearfishing

Victorian Fisheries Authority 

26:20 Community Q&A

  • What are the legal requirements for a dive float and flag in Victoria?

FOR SPEAROS in Victoria, any vessel with divers operating from it must always display signals by day or night to inform other vessel users. The daytime diver below signal is the international Code Flag ‘A’, at least 750 mm long and 600 mm wide for vessels less than 10 metres in length.

FOR ALL BOAT/JETSKI USERS on Victorian waters a five knot speed limit applies to all operators within:

  • 50 m of a person, for example a swimmer
  • 50 m of another vessel
  • 100 m of a vessel or buoy on which a ‘diver below’ signal corresponding to the International Code Flag ‘A’ is displayed – a white/blue flag.

21:30 How can I improve my breathhold for spearfishing?

Sven “I would consider apnea walks for improving my breathhold for spearfishing. So apnea walks are basically holding your breath and counting the number of paces you take” More information about improving your breathhold for spearfishing can be found here

35:00 Jetski Spearfishing? How do you anchor? Is losing equipment an issue?

37:00 How do you find good ground for finding squid?

The best ground is Southern Port Phillip Bay. Queenscliffe, Portsea through to Rye. But you can find them everywhere at the right times of year.

40:00 How do you find crayfish in Melbourne and capture one successfully?

To catch crayfish while freedivin in Victoria it’s helpful to have a torch for looking caves, cracks and under rocks. You also need robust gloves as the spines are rough and you need to protect your hands. Find cracks and caves that are relatively protected from current. When you get hold of the crayfish don’t grab the feelers, go for the base of the horns.

45:30 Do you ever target gummy sharks?

48:20 What is your typical breath hold while spearfishing in Melbourne?

A range of breathholds from the panel was 30 seconds to 70 seconds for most Melbourne spearfishing. These are all experienced divers who dive often.

52:00 Any tips for hunting Yellowtail Kingfish successfullly?

Svens advice “Time in the water off Cape Shank or Phillip Island”

James “Deal with the excitement and try and calm down. Get some exposure to being in the water around them. Go to New Zealand”

Check out the ‘How to Spearfish Kingfish Tutorial’ on Vimeo – Use the CODE: NOOBSPEARO

Spearfishing Clubs in Melbourne are:

  • Club Spearfish
  • Geelong Freedivers
  • Southern Freedivers

If you are looking for a spearfishing club in your area check out our club contacts here

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