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A large, heavy duty fish stringer made to be used on the biggest fish you can spear! Heavy duty materials, swivel to stop tangling, an over-sized design and a long speed spike designed to keep your fingers safe when stringing up fish with sharp teeth! Old Man Blue has made a fish stringer for the blue water spearo!

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Fish Stringer for Huge Blue Water Fish

Old Man Blue has done it again with an oversized heavy duty fish stringer made to be used with the biggest fish you can spear out in the blue water. It features a long stainless steel cord to protect from fish with sharp teeth and sharks or seals that may try steal your catch! The whole system sits on a swivel which prevents tangling. The fish stringer comes with a Speed Spike which is made to string up sharp toothed fish without putting your fingers near its mouth!

Includes a shark clip and D-shackle.

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