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Make loading large spearguns easy with a Old Man Blue Load Assist! Hook it onto your rubber bands and pre-tension the bands, essentially “half loading” which makes it much easier to pull the rubbers the rest of the way onto the spear. Load large spearguns easily!

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Old Man Blue Speargun Load Assist

Make loading large spearguns easy and effortless! Now there won’t be a speargun too big or too difficult to load! This 316 stainless steel load assist by Old Man Blue is a strong hook that makes loading larger spearguns easier by making it possible to load it in steps. Attach a smaller rubber band loop to the loop side of the load assist, then when loading a large speargun, use the hook to pull your speargun bands closer and hook the smaller loop onto the spear, it holds the rubber under tension allowing you to much more easily pull the shooting rubbers the rest of the way onto the spear to finish loading your speargun.

Loop Size: Fits 16mm rubber and smaller – the hook catches onto the line that links your shooting bands, so this will work with any size speargun bands

NOTE: This is ONLY the stainless steel fitting, it does not include rubber bands.

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Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions5 × 3 × 1 cm

Size Chart

Loop fits 16mm rubber and smaller - the hook fits onto any shooting band line