Interview with Robert Schmaus

Todays interview is with Robert Schmaus, a spearfishing FROTHER and guide currently based in Panama! If you wanted to plan a spearfishing holiday to somewhere maybe not as well known as other places, Panama seems to be the PERFECT option! Surrounded by 2 different oceans, thousands of islands, unbelievably productive topography and good fishing all year round, this seems like the ideal spearfishing destination! Robert has also written several books on spearfishing and is a wealth of knowledge. Listen to 5 minutes of him talk about spearfishing in Panama and you’ll be booking your trip there in no time! Check out Robert’s books here!

👉Join us on the Panama Spearfishing Zoom Call!👈

Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 05:00 Welcome Robert!
  • 07:15 Your outlook on life
  • 11:20 Tell us about your Spearfishing books!
  • 15:40 Training spearos
  • 21:20 Spearfishing Academy in the UAE
  • 27:00 Spearfishing all over the world

  • 34:50 Favourite species to hunt
  • 39:10 How to use Navionics for free
  • 41:00 Learning to hunt new fish
  • 45:40 The spearo maturity cycle
  • 50:10 Things look bigger underwater – shooting undersize fish
  • 54:25 Memorable hunts – “this is the art in spearfishing”
  • 01:00:15 Why do people make poor shots?

  • 01:04:25 What speargun do you use in Panama?
  • 01:09:15 How to keep quiet and hunt in caves
  • 01:12:30 Dive knives
  • 01:21:50 Panama Spearfishing Zoom Call | Wednesday 13 March 8pm Brisbane time – 5am Panama time
  • 01:22:25 Why is Panama so rich in fish species?
  • 01:29:05 This is why I spearfish

  • 01:32:25 Fishing seasons in Panama
  • 01:36:00 Different packages available
  • 01:46:10 Spearo Q&A
  • 01:49:35 Outro

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