Southern Queensland Spearfishing Frequently Asked Question’s

Southern Queensland Spearfishing is a popular and useful facebook page for people interested in spearfishing in the Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast areas of Queensland. If you are looking for a dive buddy, mentor or some boat diving opportunities this is a good place to go. Also if you are selling equipment or want to ask questions of some of the more experienced local divers in the area this is also a good place to visit.

The Southern Queensland Spearfishing Admins get asked the same questions fairly regularly so this page will be an easy reference place to send people. This post will be updated periodically.

Southern Queensland Spearfishing Frequently Asked Questions

Southern Queensland Spearfishing Facebook Group

Southern Queensland Spearfishing Frequently Asked Question’s

Q: Are there any ideal spots for a beginner around the Gold Coast area? Preferably shore diving

The outer seaway spit walls can be good at times as long as you don’t dive inside the rock walls.

Narrow neck sandbag reef can also be good for rookies offering a bit more depth and different species running through occasionally.

Q: Are there any dive shops on the Gold Coast?

Dive Warehouse in Bundall is on the Gold Coast. They have a decent selection of what you need and can order in what ever else you need.

Adreno Gold Coast. 3/3-9 Rawlins St, Southport QLD 4215

Q: Can you take Crays while spearing GBRBPA (Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority)?

There has been a little bit of debate as of late in regards to taking crayfish whilst spearfishing in a yellow zone (gbrmpa). I have contacted GBRMPA and Queensland fisheries to clarify this issue as one person I know locally has been given quite a bit of grief over the issue. There is a restriction placed on harvest fishing for tropical rock lobster in yellow zones however the definition of harvest fishing according to gbrmpa is as follows: Harvest Fishing= Fisheries such as the marine aquarium fish and coral collection fisheries that take a variety of fish, soft and hard corals and other invertebrates. They also include species specific fisheries such as COMMERCIAL sea cucumber, tropical rock lobster and trochus. Species must be taken in accordance with Queensland fisheries legislation and the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Regulations 1983. Harvest fisheries also include some bait collection fisheries such as the beachworm fishery. From my enquiries it is evident that recreational take of tropical rock lobster from the GBRMPA is legal (within bag limits) and the (poorly worded) restriction applies to commercial fisheries. – John falls.

Q: Are there any Dive Doctors in SEQ?

  • Dr Cameron Osborne in Greenslopes
  • Dr Matthew Broadhurst (ENT)
  • Dr Christopher Perry, Watkins Medical center
  • Dr Keyoren Fernandes at Spring Hill. He’s a dive doctor, active diver and a lovely fella
  • Hyperbaric Medicine Units (SPUMS)

For more information on Spearfishing in Queensland, check out this post and podcast

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