Feature Stories from Fathers and Children Spearfishing

These posts come from the Noob Spearo Community on Facebook. Great stories of children being inducted into the spearfishing lifestyle!



Nick  “So my 13 year old feared the water, but with a little push and a lot of confidence I managed to get him to look into a lobster hole. Proud Dad 🤙”

  • Kid 1 – Liv (below left) She is keen as. She kept shooting high and missing. I told her to use both hands and aim lower than she thinks she needs to to compensate. She shot 4 fish in about 15 mins and we called it for the day. She was stoked.”
  • “Kid 2 – K (below middle) We went spear fishing. He was in a steamer. He got cold. His face is a mix of stoke and shivering.”
  • “Kid 3 – Lee (below right) This guy is the only other person in the family (besides the dog) who likes lobster and he is mad keen to start diving for them. I’ve had to slow him down a bit and say “let’s get really confident with snorkeling first” but all he wants to do is grab lobsters. This pic is of a “lobster diving training trip” and no lobsters were harmed on this trip”

Blair “I haven’t had a chance for any father/kid yarns yet, due to the mini still incubating. Little bugger already has a better breath hold than me. Run this comp again in about 5/6 years?”
Nathan “Here’s my daughter Jess (below) with a Banded Wrasse (pending record) we looked through the NZ records and found a shallow species that she could target with a good chance of getting it. While in Wellington on holiday we got out to Kapiti Island and I got Jess in the water we swam into the shallows where Jess was comfortable diving and with 6-8m viz the conditions were nice and we saw a couple straight away, I went to find a couple of Kina to break open and while I was grabbing them Jess dived down and shot it! She was stoked and and at 1.26kg it was her biggest fish to date. It was a proud Dad moment for me and it was great for her confidence in the water. 5 mins later I snooped a snapper in the shallows as well which I was stoked with. Spearfishing is a great way to spend time with kids you develop there confidence and they learn about the marine environment I encourage every parent to spend time with their kids in the water and watch their confidence grow.”

Ole “Haven’t slept or been in the water in half a year..”


Eric “Boys love the dive gear and spearguns, but are also my biggest barrier to diving. As they get older it’ll get easier. Wife will always be a barrier to diving 😂”

Joe “Something I’ll never forget: 9yrs ago a landlord, one day vented to me a story from +40yrs ago about him & his 21yr old son abalone diving off the Mendocino coast..
I unknowingly felt we had a special bond since I had at the time recently been introduced to ab diving, & when I returned home he would always ask about the experience & make conversation..
He had ab dove for years prior to introducing his son @ age 16 or so. He lost his sons life in his arms one day after a typical shore dive when son fell off of a cliff on the climb up the rock bluffs.. Now As a father of 2yrold twins & a 4yrold, I continue to realize how our connection was so great, he was re-living diving memories through me. I cannot fathom how detrimental such an impact to the heart is on a father.

On a less tear eyed note: 11yrs ago I was introduced to freediving on the north coast by a father & son..I have been welcomed with open arms into their dive oriented family, & truly feel the love & joy it holds within its depths. I have witnessed growth & memories first hand in their bond & cherish them like they’re my own, since I lack having an elder to experience that core connection with. Note: my dad died @ 69 when I was 7, & is buried alongside my family In Mendocino looking over the north coast coincidentally. Sorry I have no pics relevant to my story, I share only a personal heartfelt feeling for a diver & the never ending love for his son, & the personal appreciation I have for a father & son whom brought me into the wonderful self-meditation world of acting like a fish, to eat fish! I can’t say how excited I am to dive with my kids one day, & create a bond that only the aquatic world herself can accomplish!
Keep them safe out there, they’re all we have to comfort the insane world upon us.”
Dan “First blue water dive for my young fella. A big bust up of tuna pop up right near the boat and he gets so excited that he rushes from the front of the boat to the back.
Knocks the float line, which then dislodges the gun and he runs into the spear point.
6” higher and I would have had myself a teenage daughter 😬”
I hope this post has encouraged you to take your kids spearfishing!
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