Interview with the NZ Spearo Kids (and their Dad)

Very cool chat with Max (10), Ben (12) and their Dad Don about spearfishing in the South Island, New Zealand. We chat equipment issues such as loading spearguns, getting cold and choosing the right gear and helping them to slow down. This interview was a joy to record as these guys froth on spearing! Listen in and subscribe on iOS or Android https://link.chtbl.com/Download_This_Episode

NSP:141 Spearo Kids | Max, Ben and Don (Dad)

Important Times

02:00 Max, Ben and Donald introductions and how they got started spearfishing. Early obstacles and issues and how they overcame them.

12:20 Fish ID and how to get ahead

NSP:141 Spearo Kids | Max, Ben and Don (Dad)

Iki Jime the pumpkin – practicing spearfishing technique on dry-land, Genius!

14:10 Ben’s Proudest Catch | Big Blue Moki

18:45 Spearguns for Kids | Setup for easy loading

21:00 Wetsuits for Kids

NSP:141 Spearo Kids | Max, Ben and Don (Dad)

Gearing up!

27:00 Advice for Noobs

32:40 The experience of teaching your kids to spear fish

37:15 Filleting Fish | Discussion around learning

40:00 Spearo Kids NZ Facebook Page

NSP:141 Spearo Kids | Max, Ben and Don (Dad)


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