Interview with Ted Harty

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In this interview with Immersion Freediving Instructor Ted Harty we do a deepdive into equalizing. Ted also shares a bulletproof buddy protocol which is simple but foreign to many spearo’s. Its the best buddy technique I’ve heard and I know it works when implemented. Some key takeaways from the interview for me were; longer surface interval = longer time on the bottom, looking at and reviewing the data from a dive watch can help you to see the surface time/bottom time correlation and make buddy diving a priority. If you would like heaps of practical advice about freediving, equalizing, improving bottom time, being a better buddy and more then this interview is for you!

A bit about Ted Harty

Ted Harty became interested in freediving when he was a Scuba Diving instructor. After several years of trying freediving on his own he completed his freediving instructors course with Kirk and Mandy from Performance Freediving. After several years instructing for PFI, Ted branched off and started his own Freediving business called Immersion (link here).  Ted is super passionate about reducing spearfishing fatalities and his courses are highly recommended. I really enjoyed this interview, partly because Ted shares candidly about mistakes he made himself early in his freediving. Mistakes such as; dangerous statics, suicidal CO2 tables and 101 Hyperventilating (listen in to the interview to get a full explanation on these and how grateful he is to be alive). Kick back and enjoy a cracker interview.

Ted Harty interview Noob Spearo Spearfishing Podcast. Immersion Freediving Equalizing Ninja

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Fast Times – Interview Navigation with Ted Harty

4:00 Ted’s background getting started in the underwater world. Being sold on the SCUBA Diving Instructor lifestyle

9:00 Spearfishing experience. First speargun and his first memorable fish. Speargun lessons and an underwater speargun shooting range

13:00 Ted’s tip for improving your bottom time. Suunto D4i here (advanced/complicated watch) or go for the Mares (here) or Beauchat (here) basic bananas versions. Use the CODE NOOBSPEARO at checkout to save $20

17:00 Scariest moment freediving. Weighted statics unsupervised. Hyperventilating and other no-go’s. CO2 tables weighted on the bottom and other near misses!

22:00 Veterans Vault – 101 Equalizing and a 101 Bullet Proof Buddy Protocol.

Everyone’s a leader so designate a leader and a follower in every buddy pair. Leader gets to go wherever they want, follower has to follow right behind. No discussion needed.

Be close enough to grab when your buddy surfaces. Ted says he could get rid of 100% of spearfishing fatalities using this.

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Ted Herty Immersion Freediving reading Spearing magazine. Noob Spearo Podcast interview

Ted Harty reading Spearing Magazine in the pool

Check out Teds Tuesday Tips Videos here. Videos include proper weighting, buddy protocol, seasickness, and more

Equalizing Questions

  • We ask Ted about Proplugs
  • How to find a good Ear Nose Throat Specialists (ENTS)
  • Frenzal vs Valsalva – pros and cons
  • A few other common tips to overcome equalization issues

Ted also talks about why Valsalva doesn’t work for freedive spearfishing. Also discussed is how do you know what technique you’re actually using.

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Quick tips for easy equalization

  1. Head in a neutral position.
  2. Early and often equalizing.
  3. Pre-equalize at the surface

Link here to Ted’s Skype Equalizing Sessions

49:00 Teds Freediving Equipment

  • Sphera – plastic lens mask (ideal for freediving, super low volume)
  • Thick rubber 8 snorkel keeper
  • Deep Apnea Fins
  • Glide Monofin

Ted is also a regular contributor to Spearing Magazine – check them out here

54:00 Funniest Story – World Championships. William Trubridge vs Ted Harty, an amusing commentary!

60:00 Fast 5 Facts For Noobs

  1. Take  a freediving course
  2. Do it safely, its not that hard
  3. Dont be frantic, slow down
  4. Spend longer on the surface to spend longer on the bottom
  5. Spit the snorkel out when you dive, if your snorkel is in and you black out the snorkel will keep your mouth open and water can get into your lungs.

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Ted Harty Monofin. Noob Spearo spearfishing podcast

Ted underway with the MonoFin

Other Stuff Discussed in the show

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Coming Next 101 Drones. If you enjoyed this episode check out our interview with Andrew Quincoses who talks us through shallow water blackout drills

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