Interview with Spencer Faucher

Todays interview is with Spencer Faucher, president of the Tri-State Skindivers Spearfishing Club! We have a highly experienced spearo boater on today! Thanks to his dad,  Spencer has been out on the ocean all his life and has a ton of experience to show for it. Hear about the Great White sharks, massive Blackfish, his first Wahoo and the in’s and out’s of running a spearfishing club! Get bonus tips on how to be a great boaty, spearfishing clubs and networking with spearos all over the world to go spearfishing more often.


Important times

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 05:20 Welcome Spencer! Who are you and what do you do?
  • 06:45 Tri-State Skindivers Spearfishing Club
  • 13:10 How did you start spearfishing?
  • 14:30 MASSIVE Blackfish
  • 18:45 You and your dad are massively into your boating
  • 23:00 Great White sharks in Cape Cod, Massachusetts – @Dinner_Stix Great White encounter
  • 30:20 Fighting sharks for fish
  • 34:05 Your favourite fish species to hunt

  • 39:20 Your first Wahoo!
  • 46:25 Great Boatie basics
  • 55:10 Spearo networking on the West Coast with GR Tarr
  • 58:45 Spearfishing all over the world

  • 01:02:55 It’s not a club, it’s a network – how do you run your spearfishing club?
  • 01:09:50 Sponsors
  • 01:15:15 Scary stuff
  • 01:18:35 You and your dad make your own timber spearguns?
  • 01:23:50 Safety mech on the speargun

  • 01:27:55 Tell us more about your dad and the rest of your family
  • 01:31:25 Spearo Q&A
  • 01:45:40 Outro

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