Interview with Deryck Tan, Bert Keulder & Michael Tropiano WA Trip 1

Todays interview is with Deryck Tan, Bert Keulder & Michael Tropiano after a few days of diving the WA Spearfishing Nationals! Hear how Shrek and Deryck got along during the comp, the misadventures on the Hallubaloo with Bert the Old Man Blue and photography legend Michael Tropiano! Join us for WA Trip 1 for a recap of the nationals, WA dive conditions and tips and plans for the rest of the trip.

Important times

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 05:20 Welcome
  • 09:00 Nationals competition
  • 12:30 Going North with Old Man Blue
  • 19:20 Cray diving and using a Cray Loop

  • 25:00 @tropi_the_local & @findwildphotos
  • 31:55 Highlights of the day
  • 38:50 Plans for the next few days

  • 44:05 Massive tiger shark story
  • 46:05 Outro

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