Interview with Bert Keulder & Deryck Tan

Todays interview is with Bert Keulder & Deryck Tan as we travel north for part 2 of the WA trip! Today we suffer a vehicle breakdown, go diving around Geraldton and chat about the highlights and memorable fish from the trip.

Important times

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 03:20 G’day guys, we have some bad news!
  • 07:25 Diving Geraldton
  • 09:40 Cuttlefish and Dhufish

  • 14:50 Berts nightmare: Deryck and the Buff Bream
  • 18:00 Tough dive conditions
  • 20:45 Broken anchor

  • 26:25 Bert’s onboard cooker
  • 29:35 Plans for the rest of the trip
  • 34:15 Outro

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